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Sally Conrad
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Yoga was "VITAL" to Sally's recovery from various cancers, along with clean eating. Eg Gerson Therapy.

She is passionate about maintaining her health with yoga and wants to inspire others to do the same. She has found that she has gained even greater benefits from the emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga. Sally currently serves as a patient advocate for other bladder cancer patients at BAYLOR COLLEGE of MEDICINE (Houston, TX).


Sally taught students (K-12) with special needs for the past 22 years and earned an M.S. degree in curriculum and instruction. 

For the past 14 years, Sally has engaged in pesticide-free gardening and food preservation for an even healthier lifestyle and has served as treasurer for the Verde Thumbs Garden Club.


"Zoetic Yoga is changing my life. Sally is amazing, and the atmosphere she creates is so calming and welcoming. I can't imagine going anywhere else."


"I greatly enjoy attending Sally's yoga classes. She individualizes instruction and offers a variety of asanas. She particularly happy with her gentle approach and does not keep me in one place, but allows me to progress at my own pace."

"Sally's chair yoga sessions have been immeasurably helpful for my slowly stiffening body after an Amtrak accident that immobilized my left side. Her careful execution an frequent repetition of yoga positions, within a few sessions resulted in a more flexible body. Sally's overall soothing and relaxing manner, as well as consistent and positive encouragement make her an exceptional teacher."

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